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Agir contre - La violence conjugale

I want to help someone

Don't wait for the worse to happen before you do something

How many times have you heard people say, "They were good neighbours. We never heard them."? Or even worse, "The guy seemed nice. We would have never thought that he could kill his wife."? These kinds of statements show that domestic violence can be found in any situation, and that it can easily shock anyone who hasn't been paying attention. There are several resources that can help you recognize the signs of domestic violence, and that can tell you what you can do. You can also help a domestic violence victim to prepare a safety plan that she could use before or during a violent incident. Don't hesitate in offering your help when you suspect a family member, acquaintance or neighbour might be a domestic violence victim.

Do something, pay attention

Remember that domestic violence can happen to anyone. If you are worried about a family member or close friend, prepare a rescue plan.