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Agir contre - La violence conjugale

Rescue plan to help victims

Encourage the victim to take steps to leave the situation

To help a person experiencing domestic violence, you can encourage her to discuss her safety with a shelter worker. If you believe that their children are also in danger, do not hesitate to bring it up. Listen to what she says, and trust her intuition and judgment. Generally, she is in the best position to assess which safety measures will work for her and her children.

Do something, offer solutions

You have the power to help because you have the clarity of mind and strength that the victims needs. You can take some step for her or with her, and provide her with useful information.

Helpful actions

Naturally, listening is an important aspect of your approach, but sometimes you need to go further in offering concrete help to the victim. Here are several things that you can do:

  • Find a shelter located near you for her and her children.
  • Help the victim find a lawyer specialized in domestic violence cases.
  • Research useful services for her children, while keeping faith in her ability to protect them.
  • Be there for the children so they can confide in you safely.
  • Reassure the children by making them understand that they are not responsible and that you want to help them.

In domestic violence situations, physical safety is of the utmost importance. In order to increase the safety of a person experiencing domestic violence, and to prepare her for the possibility of future violent incidents, you need to get her to use a safety plan that is appropriate for her situation.

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