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Forum on sexual assault and harassment

In October 2016, the Québec government presented its 2016-2021 Government Strategy to Prevent and Counteract Sexual Violence. Victim support is central to this strategy which contains numerous actions aimed at improving services and assistance specifically designed for victims.

Implementation of this Strategy is well under way and progress is ongoing. To this end, a forum on sexual violence and harassment was held on December 14, 2017, in Québec City. The forum provided an opportunity to reflect on the wave of denunciations sweeping Québec and discuss additional measures to be put in place to prevent and counteract such acts of violence.

Different community stakeholders gathered to:

  • identify concrete means for ensuring the prevention of sexual violence and primarily workplace-based sexual harassment 
  • identify obstacles to disclosing and denouncing sexual violence and harassment in the workplace
  • come up with supplementary measures, in addition to those already underway, to improve support for victims in the course of action they wish to pursue

The forum addressed three themes:

  1. Prevention of sexual violence and harassment in the workplace
  2. Receipt of disclosures and denunciations, and support for victims
  3. Legal proceedings and courses of action for victims


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